Sea Water International

Coconut Oil Suppliers and Manufacturers

Sea water International family owned coconut processing business was founded in 2014 in Indonesia, the #1 producer of coconuts in the world. We use the entire coconut, from husk to water. Nothing goes to waste.

Seawater International was established to expand our family business into the U.S. market. We produce #1 grade coconut oil per analysis and are capable of generating 85 to 200 metric tonnes (22,819.95-53,694 US gallons) per month shipped in flexibag containers. We own an internal logistics trucking company with decades of experience in delivering goods in a timely manner. We are DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS whose motto is “From Shore, To Door”.

As a family business, we share an unwavering passion for bringing the highest quality of coconut products, services and solutions to the world of coconut users. We’re an innovative partner that helps our customers maximize the value of market investment, demonstrate business outcomes, and unlock growth opportunities.

At our core, we are a company who cares. We care about our family and our partners. We are committed to deliver what we promised and deliver excellence every day.

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Justie Halim
CEO / Founder

Garland miller