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Sea Water International connects you directly with the best products the world has to offer and delivers them to you. We do all the legwork for you. We know you have many things that require your undivided attention. While you do that. We ensure and insure your goods are shipped and arrive timely from port to port. We then provide the logistics to get your goods to your door. Our policy is “ from shore to door service “. We strive to offer you unmatched goods and services.

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Strong logistic networks

Sea Water International supports you by understanding logistics can be an issue at times. We lift the weight of this issue off of your shoulders. We’re professionals in the logistics lanes. We have the know how to get the freight to you in a safe and timely manner with expedience. We’re here with you thru out the whole journey offering unwavering support the entire way. We will do whatever it takes. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Helping farmers globaly

We are in the business of creating coconut products that makes an impact in diverse business communities, therefore we are committed to educate, to share and to create a better life for coconut farmers who work hard everyday so that  people around the globe can benefit from the world of coconut goodness.

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Success and growth

We are a group of entrepreneurs  who have big dreams and passionate about what we do. At Sea Water International we believe success is earned rather than bought. We believe so obsessively that it is our mission to earn that success by helping other businesses achieve their goals.

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Are you using coconut products ?  Reach out to us and find out what we are all about. We promise to serve you with the best customer experience you’ve ever had. 

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